Elite Dining

Like to take your school aged children out to eat with you at a fine dining but you’re a little afraid how they might behave? Actually, the earlier the better when it comes to teaching children dining etiquette. Sam Sifton, Food Editor for The New York Times states, ““Kids are awesome and they should be part of the dining experience,” says Sifton. “Anytime we go to a restaurant, we are entering into a social contract with everyone else in the restaurant. I’m not trying to ruin your good time, and you’re not trying to ruin mine. It’s important to model that behavior, so kids can accept the social contract and have a good time.” The greater diversity a child develops in dining settings today, can help build confidence in social settings tomorrow!


Quote Source:The New York Times Food Editor On How To Take Your Kids To Fancy Restaurants By  Published February 17, 2016